Ashtanga Yoga York Yoga Therapy

Ashtanga York York takes a systematic and effective approach to holistic health for activity, lifestyle and wellbeing; it is the art of living well.

Our approach to movement and yoga combines knowledge of functional anatomy, with an understanding of the relationships between the musculoskeletal system and the glands, organs, posture and breathing to create a full picture of the human body. 

Our dietary choices, the amount of rest we get and the time we take to play and enjoy life all have a tremendous impact on our health – they are almost certainly primary to exercise. We take a comprehensive but simple approach to incorporate these into our day to day lives which have lasting long term effects both on and off our yoga mat.

How is our approach different to other yoga teachers offering private tuition?

How is our approach different?

Strength training

The majority of our methods to develop strength utilise body weight training combined with some free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, club bells etc. We use natural primal movement patterns in all of our strength methodology. Strength development is an integral part of our approach and often overlooked in favour flexibility in a yoga class,

Flexibility and mobility

Grounded in Ashtanga yoga alongside other methods of maintaining and improving flexibility. This is a vital part of anatomical functionality i.e. the ability to move freely without pain or discomfort, with correct postural alignment and symmetry.

Corrective Strength & Flexibility

A tailored corrective strength and flexibility regimen can not only address underlying musculoskeletal issues which, if left unchecked, tend to develop with age thus creating further imbalances, but also enhance physical performance, prevent further injuries, and promote better posture.

Breath work

We draw on the tried and tested approach of yoga breath control (Pranayama) and modern scientific methods to make the cardiopulmonary system more effective.


This is a key area often over looked but so important to our mental health and general wellbeing. We encourage people to do sitting meditation, but also, and maybe more importantly, to focus on one thing at a time giving it their full concentration.

There is a huge cross over between all of disciplines mentioned above. For example, our strength training methods use predominantly primal movement patterns which move the joints in a full range of movement with a lengthening and shortening of the associated muscles, done with correct breath control and with complete focus on the task in hand.


When and where possible we try to exercise in the natural environment; breathing in fresh air and simply being surrounded by nature will do wonders for the mind, heart and lungs.